Drones with Guns!

I was loafing around on the internet looking up the latest technology, you know, checking out the great deals around the web. After awhile, I ended up looking up the latest drones, and saw some fantastic technology out there. Nowadays, we have completely autonomous drones that can go to and from a destination, can follow a target around, or can sit in the same spot in air, pivoting to point a camera at certain locations. I thought all of this was cool, until…

What do you guys think about this? It’s definitely cool for us sane people, but what kind of effect if this going to have on the future of our generations. Without a doubt, if the average common folk like us can have this, the higher powers that be surely do. How do you feel about being able to control a drone by camera, be able to fly far distances, take out a target, and explode? This is surely a threat to normal people.

Drones will soon be taking over the airspace. People will be seen on cameras by drones that are size of flies, and be shot to shreds by a machine gun mounted. Now, hopefully there will definitely be regulations placed on these, and I hope to the force that the police officers, and federal units will not have the legality to use this.

The future feels hectic with these existing, what do you guys think about the latest drone technology? And what do you think about machine gun firing and strapped with explosives flying drones?


Self Driving Cars

When are you things going to be available! Cities have become traffic traps! Highways are overfilled! We are spending our life in traffic and I hope and pray that self driving cars will be available on the market soon.

Ford, Tesla, and Google are among the forerunners for the self driving car movement. Traffic accidents are among the top 5 causes of death in the United States of America. There are many reasons for the reckless driving on the road; crazy drivers, drunk drivers, drug induced drivers, road ragers, late for a meeting, going crazy in traffic people, wife is having a baby guy, speeders, racers, texters, looking in the backseat driver, sexually active acts while driving people, sleepy drivers, injured drivers, below age drivers, mentally disabled drivers, mentally unstable drivers, a friggin monkey could get in a car and turn it on I bet. My point is, anyone, anything could get in a car and be a dangerous threat to any of us on any given day in a vehicle.

Accidents also cause traffic, and traffic drives me crazy. Almost everyday I am driving there is an accident on the freeway I take. Major, minor, whatever, I face traffic every single day, and it is a waste of my life.

A self driving car will solve all of these problems, something I don’t think the average person can fathom just yet. Imagine being wasted and sexually hungry with your significant other leaving a bar. With a self driving car, you don’t have to worry about the repercussions of getting it on in your car. Have at it and your vehicle will drive you home.

Or a businessman, who must always be on his computer, and restricts hanging out with his friends because he must be on his computer all day. So now, this guy can hop in his self driving car, turn on his portable Wi-Fi in the car, and stay at work while the car drives to hang out with his friends at the bar, that also has Wi-Fi.

A self-driving car is going to make life so much more convenient, and isn’t that what America is about? Convenience?  Let’s make this happen as soon as possible. Let’s all get excited about this and vocal! Thank you self driving manufacturers, you’re doing good on this one.



Another Toilet Piece of Tech

Don’t mean to keep on the toilet talk, but I saw another cool toilet item the other day. Staying on that path of technology that is just designed to make life in the 21st century a little bit easier comes the Brondell Swash 1000. A heated seat makes the person be able to use the bathroom comfortably at any season of the year, and any temperature of the house. Being a bidet, this is one of the few out there that have a feature of using warm water to clean you up. And the water is always warm. To top it off, there is an air dryer that pushed warm air so you don’t have to use anything else to dry up.

There is also a specialized washed for the females too.

Thought this was pretty sick so thought I would share, if anyone is interested, type in Brondell Swash 1000 and check it out yo!



The Shoes with a Screen

The other day my roommates and I were talking about just how accessible entertainment is in today’s culture. We were talking kind of the history of entertainment on the screens. We were discussing the olden days when movies were played off of those camera reels that were on a stand projected on a screen, to the movie projectors, to the box tv, to the computer, to the plasma tv, to the gameboy, to the Playstation Portable, to the Nintendo DS, to the ipod videos, to the ipod touches, to the the tablets, to virtual reality, and who knows what else has used a screen for entertainment, But this led us to talk about other screens. Like billboard screens and what not.

Mid conversation, one of my artistic roommates was talking about a report he did in elementary school on the class’s future inventions that they would like to create. He was telling us how back in the day when we were kids, a lot of us were wearing those quirky little shoes that had animated images on it, or the ones the were glow in the dark or light up shoes. For his report, he came up with a concept of installing a screen into the shoe, that would play a loop of a music video.

It was at this point that I remembered a visit I had at my grandparents house in California. I was in the process of helping my grandparents move out of their home and they hired a cleaning crew to help take care of the house and make sure it was spotless before they moved out. Well, one of the cleaners was wearing this sick pair of shoes that every time he walked by, his shoes were mesmerizing me. I followed him around until he was standing still and I saw that the shoe design was changing patterns constantly. I was in awe at this technology and asked this guy about how it worked, and he showed me. If this employee carpet cleaning company in Petaluma could get his hands on these puppies, then a tech junkie like myself could definitely. But until this conversation with my roommate, the whole memory of the even completely went over my head, and after talking about this with my buddies, I told myself I must bring it to the attention of the internet world. Because if something as cool as that come my attention, then I’m sure tons of other people would be interested as well.

shiftwear shoe
The shiftwear shoe, watch their video on youtube

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Glow in the Dark Toilet

This is the 21st century kind of product right here! Little additions to your life that come at a low cost, that can only improve your life.  The Illumibowl is a toilet that glows in the dark. Invented by two men, it makes sense knowing the nightly struggle of a male awaken in the middle of a night with a full bladder. We rush to the toilet, trying to keep as keep our sleep behind our eyes, and want to try to expel our fluids without turning on the lights. But the target can sometimes be out of reach and we find out we may have missed and hit the floor. The most ashamed man must turn on the light, grab some clean up equipment, and get to work disgraced. Nevertheless, after the long journey, you crawl back into bed with a caused case of insomnia.

The Glow in the Dark Toilet “Illumibowl”

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New Tesla

At the forefront of the automobile movement is the company of Tesla, with its leader Elon Musk.

Recently, Tesla has come out with a new model of automobile that should be revolutionary in the way we get from point A to point B. This is the first car Tesla has made that should be able to reach the masses due to its price point. One of the leaders in the path to fully self driving cars, Tesla is starting to get their product into the hands of the middle class.

The New Tesla, the model S has a price point in the mid $35,000’s, and surely a ton of people are already interested. In the first day of pre ordering available, where consumers would have to put down $1,000 down to reserve a Tesla model S, there were over 200,000 orders. And that number continually increases.

The new 2016 model S will have an array of awesome features.

There is a possibility of a feature known as “summon,” where Tesla owners can handle parking on its own, without you touching the steering wheel, or even being in the car!’

Autopilot will also be on this car. This is a feature where you can click a button, and your car will stay in its line, and with a flick of the switch, the car will switch lanes automatically on its own. It will also keep a safe following distance behind the car in front. And you know, with Elon Musk, it’s gonna keep getting better and better.

An electric all-wheel drive vehicle.

A 17inch touchscreen that is on the dash of the vehicle for he driver. This area controls much of the car’s functions. Including the radio, backup camera, navigation, media, phone, etc… Continue reading “New Tesla”


Space Hotel

Alrightchyall, so for those of you up to date on the current events recently, you might have seen that amazing video of the SpaceX rocket, the Falcon 9 land on a barge  in the middle the sea. Well if you didn’t, you have missed an absolutely monumental achievement in human history. Not one time, but for show in a desert, but another time Space X was able to be the first to successfully land a rocket over water.

Alright, Alright I won’t give you guys too hard of a time, but hear is the vid for you all to catch up to our space ventures! Click this —–> Space X Falcon 9 landing on a Sea Barge

So if you were not already aware, the world is ramping up big time to get ready to start venturing space very, very soon. Probably sooner than you think.

In fact, a Russian company known as “Orbital Technologies” has began a project to set up the first hotel in space.


A space hotel…

Let that sink in…

And when you’re done thinking about, like what? A Space Hotel!!!

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Your Own Virtual Reality

Whatsup guys, thanks for checking me out. To start off this relationship, I want to tell you guys that it’s all about the tech here. You’re not going to get any stories about my life, or lengthy pointless topics of discussion. It’s all about finding interesting new products out there in the world, that if many people actually knew about it and could afford them, they would all get their hands on it. So without further adieu, the first dope new tech on olistore-us.com is: Teleport VR kit.

This new hit to the market is sure something foreign to many of us. Virtual Reality is becoming a hot new addition to the market. And with video games, video interaction, and movie watching, all parts of the markets are up for grabs to be cornered by established businesses. The Teleport Virtual Reality Kit is looking to get first dibs on the “Memory Market.”

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