Your Own Virtual Reality

Whatsup guys, thanks for checking me out. To start off this relationship, I want to tell you guys that it’s all about the tech here. You’re not going to get any stories about my life, or lengthy pointless topics of discussion. It’s all about finding interesting new products out there in the world, that if many people actually knew about it and could afford them, they would all get their hands on it. So without further adieu, the first dope new tech on is: Teleport VR kit.

This new hit to the market is sure something foreign to many of us. Virtual Reality is becoming a hot new addition to the market. And with video games, video interaction, and movie watching, all parts of the markets are up for grabs to be cornered by established businesses. The Teleport Virtual Reality Kit is looking to get first dibs on the “Memory Market.”

Previously, the most up to date acknowledgment of the memory market was using video recording and then be able to rewatch the video on the recorded screen, a computer monitor, or a television.

With this Virtual Reality Kit, people are now able to use the recorder to record points in time. “Meet Teleport, an entirely new way to capture and relive the best memories of your life through the power of virtual technology.” Captured with 3d technology, a person is able to record a pivotal moment in time, such as say your first conversation with your daughter, the first time your son went swimming, the last memories of your mother. You can see how this certainly has the ability to tug on the heart strings of every person with a soul who longs to relive memories. Even the tough men in the world will quell up and cry when they are able to see their son for the first time again.

Rather than stare at a camera screen when something major is happening in your life, you can now use the virtual reality headset to record and then view these moments, just as you remembered them.

This could turn pretty trippy, I bet many of you are thinking, “what is this going to do to people who could get obsessive.” Being able to record all of these memories can bring up tragic circumstances that had a profound effect on someone. On the flip side, someone could literally walk around with one of these things one day 24/7. Having the ability to record your own life, and then edit it later could make for a movie every single day. Forsure people will be able to capitalize and sell themselves to the masses later on. When this inevitably does happen, just remember, you were warned here first.

To check out the video, go to youtube and look at their ads for their product, it looks great. I can’t wait to get my hands on one and tell you guys more about the hype.

Tune in soon to see (‘s) next installment of the best new tech to hit the markets today. Peace.


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