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Alrightchyall, so for those of you up to date on the current events recently, you might have seen that amazing video of the SpaceX rocket, the Falcon 9 land on a barge  in the middle the sea. Well if you didn’t, you have missed an absolutely monumental achievement in human history. Not one time, but for show in a desert, but another time Space X was able to be the first to successfully land a rocket over water.

Alright, Alright I won’t give you guys too hard of a time, but hear is the vid for you all to catch up to our space ventures! Click this —–> Space X Falcon 9 landing on a Sea Barge

So if you were not already aware, the world is ramping up big time to get ready to start venturing space very, very soon. Probably sooner than you think.

In fact, a Russian company known as “Orbital Technologies” has began a project to set up the first hotel in space.


A space hotel…

Let that sink in…

And when you’re done thinking about, like what? A Space Hotel!!!

Then catch up down here

Possibly this year, Orbital Technologies plans on taking humans to have a stay in a Space Station. The whole experience included! You can purchase a stay for 5 days for the low price of $1 million dollars. (I mean that really is low considering how much money is floating around this Earth, I mean being able to have a space experience to me is worth any bit of money)

They plan on sending you up via a Russian rocket where you will arrive in Commercial Space Station number, which is located about 217 miles from the Earth. Residing with a couple of other fellas and darlings, you’ll get the full space experience. Traveling at a weightless 17,500 miles/hour, you will be treated to some space food, space showers, space sleeps, and if you’re sneaky enough, you might be able to hide a bit of vodka to space. Let us know what being space buzzed feels like okay?

But you want to see what the galaxy looks like from space right? Perfect, because this space station has large portholes where you can view the vastness of space.

We hope this kind of journey could be possible for a decent cost soon. Currently, there are 9 private companies ready to start taking off into space. This kind of situation could turn competitive and the  market price for venturing in space could fall as time passes. Hopefully soon, we might all have the opportunity to check out Earth with an outside view. But for now, we’ll just let the wealthy tell us about how great it is, lol!

Here is what the hotel is projected to look like, Click this —-> Space Hotel


With the oh so kindest of regards, Marcos



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