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At the forefront of the automobile movement is the company of Tesla, with its leader Elon Musk.

Recently, Tesla has come out with a new model of automobile that should be revolutionary in the way we get from point A to point B. This is the first car Tesla has made that should be able to reach the masses due to its price point. One of the leaders in the path to fully self driving cars, Tesla is starting to get their product into the hands of the middle class.

The New Tesla, the model S has a price point in the mid $35,000’s, and surely a ton of people are already interested. In the first day of pre ordering available, where consumers would have to put down $1,000 down to reserve a Tesla model S, there were over 200,000 orders. And that number continually increases.

The new 2016 model S will have an array of awesome features.

There is a possibility of a feature known as “summon,” where Tesla owners can handle parking on its own, without you touching the steering wheel, or even being in the car!’

Autopilot will also be on this car. This is a feature where you can click a button, and your car will stay in its line, and with a flick of the switch, the car will switch lanes automatically on its own. It will also keep a safe following distance behind the car in front. And you know, with Elon Musk, it’s gonna keep getting better and better.

An electric all-wheel drive vehicle.

A 17inch touchscreen that is on the dash of the vehicle for he driver. This area controls much of the car’s functions. Including the radio, backup camera, navigation, media, phone, etc…

With a 2.8 0-60mph and a 270 mile per charge, this car has everything for even the people who want to go fast and far! some of the Tesla model S vehicle will go up to 300 miles on a single charge!

So much more is included in this vehicle, and if you are interested in learning more, I suggest going to the Tesla website to check out all of the stats and the features yourself.

Click this hyperlink here, and it will take you to the website yourself.


What interests me the most about the newest updates in Tesla is they are at the forefront of the energy movement, and they are one of the few big companies that I think really truly care about the future of the Earth. With their Solar Wall invention, electric vehicles, and their passion in making a fully self driving car, it seems like they have a true passion for the future and progression of humanity. If you aren’t already, start paying attention to everything Elon Musk in the coming years. One of the best brains and best hearts we have on this Earth, this man will help lead the progression of the human race. Stay tuned.

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