Glow in the Dark Toilet

This is the 21st century kind of product right here! Little additions to your life that come at a low cost, that can only improve your life.  The Illumibowl is a toilet that glows in the dark. Invented by two men, it makes sense knowing the nightly struggle of a male awaken in the middle of a night with a full bladder. We rush to the toilet, trying to keep as keep our sleep behind our eyes, and want to try to expel our fluids without turning on the lights. But the target can sometimes be out of reach and we find out we may have missed and hit the floor. The most ashamed man must turn on the light, grab some clean up equipment, and get to work disgraced. Nevertheless, after the long journey, you crawl back into bed with a caused case of insomnia.

The Glow in the Dark Toilet “Illumibowl”

But this is 2016, and humans actually have the intellect to combat many of our problems. We like to have the things that make our life each little step easier. That’s why we have cell phones that serve as computers, and toilets that flush instead of having to shovel it each week. These two gentlemen have created a toilet that glows in 9 different colors turned on by motion. Sure to be a marriage saver, enjoy the oli tech of the day.

Marcos Olimar


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