The Shoes with a Screen

The other day my roommates and I were talking about just how accessible entertainment is in today’s culture. We were talking kind of the history of entertainment on the screens. We were discussing the olden days when movies were played off of those camera reels that were on a stand projected on a screen, to the movie projectors, to the box tv, to the computer, to the plasma tv, to the gameboy, to the Playstation Portable, to the Nintendo DS, to the ipod videos, to the ipod touches, to the the tablets, to virtual reality, and who knows what else has used a screen for entertainment, But this led us to talk about other screens. Like billboard screens and what not.

Mid conversation, one of my artistic roommates was talking about a report he did in elementary school on the class’s future inventions that they would like to create. He was telling us how back in the day when we were kids, a lot of us were wearing those quirky little shoes that had animated images on it, or the ones the were glow in the dark or light up shoes. For his report, he came up with a concept of installing a screen into the shoe, that would play a loop of a music video.

It was at this point that I remembered a visit I had at my grandparents house in California. I was in the process of helping my grandparents move out of their home and they hired a cleaning crew to help take care of the house and make sure it was spotless before they moved out. Well, one of the cleaners was wearing this sick pair of shoes that every time he walked by, his shoes were mesmerizing me. I followed him around until he was standing still and I saw that the shoe design was changing patterns constantly. I was in awe at this technology and asked this guy about how it worked, and he showed me. If this employee carpet cleaning company in Petaluma¬†could get his hands on these puppies, then a tech junkie like myself could definitely. But until this conversation with my roommate, the whole memory of the even completely went over my head, and after talking about this with my buddies, I told myself I must bring it to the attention of the internet world. Because if something as cool as that come my attention, then I’m sure tons of other people would be interested as well.

shiftwear shoe
The shiftwear shoe, watch their video on youtube

These shoes are running for about $150 right now, and they are pretty sick. The shoe’s design is controlled by an app on your phone, and you can input a design that will stay on the exterior of the shoe for a long time, you can have the shoe design change every once in a while, or you can even have a design that is ever changing, appearing more as if it was a movie than a picture. There is a video on youtube showing the intricacies (I can’t believe I spelled that) of the shoe. It’s definitely worth a watch if you are a shoe buff like the many of us.

The shoe has the ability to fluctuate images of patterns and designs, to as a complex make up as a painting. I’ve even seen someone draw a (poorly done, actually very poorly done but it was still kind of cool) Mona Lisa painting on the side of the shoe.

Another cool idea if you had these shoes would be to have a song, self made or by some one else, and to get a group together all with the same shoes, and dance to the beat of the song along with the shoe design changing to the beat of the song. I think this is something that will be mainstream in the very near future, so hop on this idea before it is much too late. Before you know it, there will be a dance group on¬†America’s Got Talent dancing with these shoes, and one of you out there in the world will remember you read this article, and wish someone gave you the idea to do that before they become famous while you are sitting on your couch browsing internet articles.

Well I just gave you the chance, and I think it is a pretty good idea, so if you ever take it up upon yourself to groove on the show, and I’m sitting in the audience, you will definitely have one guy pulling for you, and I’m a rambunctious one.

Anyways, I think this idea is pretty dope and fresh. And it’s gonna be happening pretty soon, don’t be late to the party, invent the party brothers and sisters!

Good luck guys, and stay up!

Marcos Olimar


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