Self Driving Cars

When are you things going to be available! Cities have become traffic traps! Highways are overfilled! We are spending our life in traffic and I hope and pray that self driving cars will be available on the market soon.

Ford, Tesla, and Google are among the forerunners for the self driving car movement. Traffic accidents are among the top 5 causes of death in the United States of America. There are many reasons for the reckless driving on the road; crazy drivers, drunk drivers, drug induced drivers, road ragers, late for a meeting, going crazy in traffic people, wife is having a baby guy, speeders, racers, texters, looking in the backseat driver, sexually active acts while driving people, sleepy drivers, injured drivers, below age drivers, mentally disabled drivers, mentally unstable drivers, a friggin monkey could get in a car and turn it on I bet. My point is, anyone, anything could get in a car and be a dangerous threat to any of us on any given day in a vehicle.

Accidents also cause traffic, and traffic drives me crazy. Almost everyday I am driving there is an accident on the freeway I take. Major, minor, whatever, I face traffic every single day, and it is a waste of my life.

A self driving car will solve all of these problems, something I don’t think the average person can fathom just yet. Imagine being wasted and sexually hungry with your significant other leaving a bar. With a self driving car, you don’t have to worry about the repercussions of getting it on in your car. Have at it and your vehicle will drive you home.

Or a businessman, who must always be on his computer, and restricts hanging out with his friends because he must be on his computer all day. So now, this guy can hop in his self driving car, turn on his portable Wi-Fi in the car, and stay at work while the car drives to hang out with his friends at the bar, that also has Wi-Fi.

A self-driving car is going to make life so much more convenient, and isn’t that what America is about? Convenience? ┬áLet’s make this happen as soon as possible. Let’s all get excited about this and vocal! Thank you self driving manufacturers, you’re doing good on this one.



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