Drones with Guns!

I was loafing around on the internet looking up the latest technology, you know, checking out the great deals around the web. After awhile, I ended up looking up the latest drones, and saw some fantastic technology out there. Nowadays, we have completely autonomous drones that can go to and from a destination, can follow a target around, or can sit in the same spot in air, pivoting to point a camera at certain locations. I thought all of this was cool, until…

What do you guys think about this? It’s definitely cool for us sane people, but what kind of effect if this going to have on the future of our generations. Without a doubt, if the average common folk like us can have this, the higher powers that be surely do. How do you feel about being able to control a drone by camera, be able to fly far distances, take out a target, and explode? This is surely a threat to normal people.

Drones will soon be taking over the airspace. People will be seen on cameras by drones that are size of flies, and be shot to shreds by a machine gun mounted. Now, hopefully there will definitely be regulations placed on these, and I hope to the force that the police officers, and federal units will not have the legality to use this.

The future feels hectic with these existing, what do you guys think about the latest drone technology? And what do you think about machine gun firing and strapped with explosives flying drones?